Seaplane History

  • Airworthiness Standards for Seaplanes Have Been Revised

    Airworthiness Standards for Seaplanes The airworthiness standards for seaplanes have been updated.  Instead of multiple regulations for specific float characteristics, the regulations have been refined to have fewer specific requirements and are now more general in nature.  Although there remains a requirement for having at least eighty percent excess float displacement, the other requirements have […]

  • C47 on floats

    EDO Aircraft Corporation Supplies C47 On Floats

    The EDO corporation was developed amphibious floats for the C-47 cargo plane in the 1940s.  These floats were gigantic.  Reportedly, 32 sets of floats were developed for the C47.  However, only two sets of floats appears to have been installed on C47.

  • The Blackburn Shark Seaplane

    The Original Shark Seaplane

    The Blackburn Shark was a seaplane used in World War II as a torpedo-spotter reconnaissance aircraft.  The Shark was built by Blackburn Aircraft in England.  There were several versions built, including a seaplane.  Below are some key facts about the seaplane version.