Seaplane Training

  • Guide to Seaplane Flying Book Cover

    Guide to Seaplane Flying

    Guide to Seaplane Flying Guide to Seaplane Flying is a flight training handbook for aspiring seaplane pilots.  The guide provides detailed explanation of seaplane concepts along with illustrations and study questions.  This guide is a great companion to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Seaplane, Skiplane, and Float/Ski Equipped Helicopter Operations Handbook. Guide to Seaplane Flying covers […]

  • Airworthiness Standards for Seaplanes Have Been Revised

    Airworthiness Standards for Seaplanes The airworthiness standards for seaplanes have been updated.  Instead of multiple regulations for specific float characteristics, the regulations have been refined to have fewer specific requirements and are now more general in nature.  Although there remains a requirement for having at least eighty percent excess float displacement, the other requirements have […]