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  • Seaplane Tour Info

    We provide a fun and memorable seaplane tour.  The tour takes about 20-30 minutes from when you load the seaplane.  Your pilot will take you on an approximately 25-mile trip around the local area.

    Cost:  $85.00 Per person

    You can pay at the time of the flight, or you can purchase electronic gift cards in advance.  We use GiftUp electronic gift card system.  Click the button below to purchase a gift certificate.

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    Please see our Location page for specifics about where to load the seaplane for the seaplane tour.

    Questions About the Seaplane Tour

    Can I take pictures during the tour?

    Yes.  We want people to take pictures and video during the tour.  It should be a fun and memorable experience.  Don’t forget to share them with us on Facebook.
    Is flying in a seaplane safe?

    Yes.  Like any motorized travel, there are some hazards.   As professional pilots, we take steps to minimize any risk, same as any other air travel.
    Will I get seasick or airsick during the seaplane tour?

    Generally no.  Unless you are highly susceptible to being car sick, most people have no issues during the  tour.  If you do get nauseated during the flight, we can easily land as we will not travel far from the water and/or airport.
    How many passengers can you carry during the tour?

    In general, we can comfortable carry 3 passengers plus the pilot.  Originally the seaplane was capable of 6 total occupants, but we removed the rear seats and installed two larger seats for more passenger comfort. Learn more about our Cessna 185 amphibious seaplane we call The Shark.
    Do you make reservations?

    Yes.  We use an online booking software to manage the reservations.  Click here to book a seaplane tour now.
    Can we buy a flight as a gift?

    Yes.  You can purchase a voucher to be used for a specific tour or for a set amount. Click here to learn more and purchase a gift card or voucher.

    Can children fly on the tour?

    All passengers must be at least 8 years old and each occupant must be in their own seat in the plane during the  tour.   All minors must be accompanied by an adult

  • seaplane tours on lake cumberland kentucky by shark aviation

    N19D “The Shark”

    Seaplane Tour Ride Lake View Photo

    Shoreline view from seaplane

    Aerial view of shoreline from seaplane tour

    Aerial view of shoreline from seaplane

    River view from seaplane tour

    River view from seaplane