Single Engine Sea and Single Engine Land – Commercial Initial Rating

ASES & ASEL – Commercial Initial

This comprehensive training course for existing pilots to add on an Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL) commercial and Airplane Single Engine Sea (ASES) using an amphibious aircraft.

Course Length: 5-7 days with at least 20 hours of flight time.

Dates: The seaplane training starts on Monday of each week, April through November.

Location: We are based in Lexington, Kentucky but conduct the training primarily at Rising Sun Indiana on the Ohio River, or Lake Cumberland, Kentucky. However, we can conduct training at other lakes or rivers.

Cost: $7,500.00, does not include the examiner fee.


  • Must have existing Private or Commercial single engine rating (SEL or SES).
  • Must meet the requirements for an Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL) or Airplane Single Engine Sea (ASES) commercial as outlined in 14 CFT 61.129, excluding the 10 hours of complex time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ratings will I obtain with though this course?
You will obtain a commercial seaplane rating and commercial land rating.
Will we do water landings during this course?
The course is focused on the commercial maneuvers for single engine land rating, but some water landings can be incorporated depending on the students mastery of the maneuvers.
Why would someone use an amphibious plane for a land rating?
If you need to ask, this course isn’t for you. However, for people that plan on purchasing an amphibious aircraft, this allows for a way to get additional amphibious time and benefit the pilot long-term, such as reducing insurance rates.
What is the difference between and Add On commercial and the Initial?
If you do not presently have a commercial fixed wing rating, there are additional maneuvers that must be completed. These include, power off-180, steep turns, steep spiral, chandelles, lazy eights, eights on pilots, power off stalls, power-on stalls, and accelerated stalls, in additions to the takeoffs and landings.
Will I get a high-performance endorsement during the seaplane training?
Yes. The seaplane we use is a Cessna 185 with Continental IO550 with 300HP.
Will I get a complex endorsement during the seaplane training?
Yes. The seaplane we use is considered a complex aircraft and meets the requirements to obtain a commercial pilot rating.
Will you come to me and conduct seaplane training?
Possibly.  Contact us and we may discuss traveling to your location for training.
What materials should I study before the training?
Upon scheduling training, we will send you the material needed, which includes a copy of our Guide to Seaplane Flying that is available on Amazon.
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